Culture is not an excuse to be a Herd Jerk

Today I present a guest post from Crazy Sister (who, incidentally, I asked what self-inflicted label she would prefer and she replied ‘Crazy Sister Who Actually Has A Really Good Job’. So in short, I will leave as Crazy Sister or CSWAHARGJ until she decides on something else. *sigh*)


Culture is not an excuse to be a Herd Jerk

Staring any new job can be a stressful experience.  Learning new processes, meeting new people, probably learning new skills, and amidst all this new information, you still have to acclimate yourself to your new job’s “culture”.  This is basically every employer’s way of saying they have no intention of changing to accommodate how you work and they expect you to amalgamate into your new environment and join the herd.

There can be a lot of bumps on the road to joining a new herd.  You have to learn how the herd works, how the head speaks and how the herd reacts to change.  Every herd has some jerks.  Herd jerks use “culture” as a way to force compliance with their personally held beliefs about how things should work.  Just because that’s the way “IT” has always been done, does not in any way mean that it is the most efficient or effective way of getting “IT” done.  Herd jerks use culture as a way to resist change and enforce compliance.  Herd jerks limit evolution of ideas and progression of processes.  They also intimidate new workers who come with fresh ideas and new ways of looking at old problems.  Herd jerks are the High School “mean girls” of the corporate world and they often have many of the same characteristics; they’re petty, gossipy, and usually insecure about the little niche they have carved into the world.

Herd leaders need to be able to identify herd jerk and corral this type of “culture abuse”.  Herd leaders are the ones to set the tone of this culture, and it’s their job to ensure that the culture listens to these new and fresh ideas.  Bad herd leaders use herd jerks as enforcers to resist change.  No one like herd jerks… Don’t be one.


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