About Veronica

Welcome to Leadership Duck! 
This blog is for all the Accidental Leaders out there. It applies to all of us who didn’t wake up in the morning, intent on world domination, but nevertheless, we’ve found ourselves in leadership positions.
Shift supervisors, parents, teachers, managers, committee chairs, leads, middle managers, team members, front-line workers, service personnel, students…


The goal of Leadership Duck
I hope to challenge your paradigms and perspectives. I hope you will challenge mine.


Um…Why Leadership Duck?
Why not? Ducks are great metaphors for leaders.


Who am I?
Veronica Ciolfi. I’ve worked in biotech, I’ve just completed my MBA and I’ve spent almost twenty years working part-time with youth, teaching them leadership skills. I have three lovely little boys and I try to learn more about the art of leadership in everything I do.


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